Product Features and Benefits


ICB (Integrated cell connection board), also known as IBB (Integrated Bus Bar for Battery), CCS (Cells Contact System), Wire Harness Isolation Board, Aluminum Row Bracket Assembly, Bus Bar Assembly, etc.


It is mainly used in the connection of cells in various battery modules, and at the same time, it monitors the voltage and temperature of the cells in real time, and transmits the collected signals to the BMS to realize overcurrent protection and thermal runaway management of battery modules.


CCS usually consists of three parts: bracket, copper-aluminum row, and acquisition module;

There are two main styles of brackets, injection molded parts and hot-pressed film, which play the role of support, fixation and insulation;

The copper-aluminum row is used to connect the cell and the positive and negative output;

There are three main types of acquisition modules, FPC, PCBA, and wiring harness, which are used to collect cell voltage and temperature, and transmit signals to BMS.

The connection between the collection harness, FPC, PCBA, etc. and the copper-aluminum row is mainly realized by two kinds of welding, laser welding and ultrasonic welding. The laser welding dielectric material is mainly nickel.

Ultrasonic welding is mainly aimed at the wiring harness scheme. The voltage acquisition part is directly welded with bare copper wires and copper-aluminum bars, and aluminum terminals are used as welding medium for temperature acquisition.